Shao-Ping Lu

I am an associate professor at Nankai University in Tianjin, China since January 2018. Before that, I was a senior researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), where as a postdoc I worked with Prof. Adrian Munteanu. I received my PhD degree from Graphics & Geometric Computing Group at Tsinghua University in China under the supervision of Prof. Shi-Min Hu.

My research interests lie primarily in the intersection of visual computing, computer vision and computer graphics, with particular focus on 2D/3D image and video processing, computational photography and representation, visual scene analysis, machine learning and mathematical optimization.

My contact info:
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I am looking for highly-motivated students, feel free to contact me.


Representative papers:

Robust Multiview Synthesis for Wide-Baseline Camera Arrays 
Beerend Ceulemans, Shao-Ping Lu, Gauthier Lafruit, and Adrian Munteanu
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. 2018.

Hyper-lapse from Multiple Spatially-overlapping Videos
Miao Wang, Jun-Bang Liang, Song-Hai Zhang, Shao-Ping Lu, Ariel Shamir, and Shi-Min Hu
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 27(4): 1735-1747, 2018. [paper] [bibtex]

Efficient Depth-aware Image Deformation Adaptation for Curved Screen Displays
Shao-Ping Lu, Ruxandra-marina FloreaPablo CesarPeter Schelkens, and Adrian Munteanu
ACM Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM) Thematic Workshop, 2017. [paper] [video(96MB)] [bibtex]

Color Correction for Large-baseline Multiview Video
Siqi Ye, Shao-Ping Lu, and Adrian Munteanu
Signal Processing: Image Communication. 53: 40-50, 2017. [paper] [bibtex]

Wavelet-based L∞ Semi-regular Mesh Coding
Ruxandra-marina FloreaAdrian Munteanu, Shao-Ping Lu, and Peter Schelkens
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. 19(2): 236-250, 2017. [paper] [bibtex]

A Survey on Multiview Video Synthesis and Editing
Shao-ping Lu, Tai-Jiang Mu, and Song-Hai Zhang
Tsinghua Science and Technology. 21(6): 678-695, 2016. [paper] [bibtex]

Multiview Conversion of 2D Cartoon Image
Shao-Ping Lu, Sibo Feng, Beerend Ceulemans, Miao Wang, Rui Zhong, and Adrian Munteanu
Communications in Information and Systems, 16(4):229-254, 2016.

Efficient MRF-based Disocclusion Inpainting in Multiview Video
Beerend Ceulemans, Shao-Ping Lu, Gauthier LafruitPeter Schelkens, and Adrian Munteanu
International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME). IEEE, 2016[paper] [bibtex]

Spatio-temporally Consistent Color and Structure Optimization for Multiview Video Color Correction
Shao-ping Lu, Beerend CeulemansAdrian Munteanu and Peter Schelkens
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. 17(5): 577-590, 2015. [paper] [video(72MB)] [bibtex]

Color Retargeting: Interactive Time-varying Color Image Composition from Time-lapse Sequences
Shao-ping Lu, Guillaume Dauphin, Gauthier Lafruit, and Adrian Munteanu
Computational Visual Media Journal, 1(4), 321-330, 2015. [paper] [video(70MB)] [bibtex]

Accuracy and Robustness Evaluation in Stereo Matching
Duc M NguyenJan Hanca, Shao-Ping Lu, Peter Schelkens, and Adrian Munteanu
Proc. SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications. 99710M-99710M-12, 2016.

Robust Stereo Matching Using Census Cost, Discontinuity-preserving Disparity Computation and View-consistent Refinement
Duc M NguyenJan Hanca, Shao-ping Lu, and Adrian Munteanu
International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D). IEEE, 2015. [paper] [bibtex]

Globally Optimized Multiview Video Color Correction Using Dense Spatio-temporal Matching
Beerend Ceulemans, Shao-ping Lu, Peter Schelkens, and Adrian Munteanu
International Conference on 3DTV. IEEE, 2015[paper] [bibtex]

Performance Optimization for PatchMatch-based Pixel-level Multiview Inpainting
Shao-ping Lu, Beerend CeulemansAdrian Munteanu and Peter Schelkens
International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D). IEEE, 2013. [paper] [bibtex]

Depth-based View Synthesis Using Pixel-level Image Inpainting
Shao-ping Lu, Jan HancaAdrian Munteanu and Peter Schelkens
18th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP), IEEE, 2013. [paper] [bibtex]

Time-Line Editing of Objects in Video
Shao-Ping Lu, Song-Hai Zhang, Jin Wei, Shi-Min Hu and Ralph R. Martin
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 19(7), 1218-1227, 2013. [paper] [video (96MB)] [bibtex]

Saliency-Based Fidelity Adaptation Preprocessing for Video Coding
Shao-Ping Lu and Song-Hai Zhang
Journal of Computer Science and Technology. 26(1): 195-202, 2011. [paper] [bibtex]

Visual Importance based Painterly Rendering for Images
Shao-Ping Lu and Song-Hai Zhang
Journal of Computer-Aided Design Computer Graphics. (in Chinese). 22(7): 1120-1125, 2010.

Blind Re-convolution based Image Upsampling
Shao-Ping Lu
Proceedings of 6th Joint Conference on Harmonious Human Machine Environment. (in Chinese). Luoyang, China, 2010.


Professional services:

  • Review for journals:IEEE Trans: TIP, TVCG, TMM, TCSVT, TBME
  • Others: IEEE STSP, SPIC, C&G, TVCJ, JCST, Science China (F), CVMJ, etc.
  • Review for conferences:SIGGRAPH ASIA, PG, CGI, ICIP, ICME, CVM, etc.


Signal Processing Research (IRIS) at VUB.

Graphics and Geometric Computing Group at Tsinghua University.

Some collaborators:

Shi-Min HuRalph R. MartinAriel ShamirSong-Hai ZhangMiao WangZhe ZhuAdrian MunteanuPeter SchelkensGauthier LafruitPablo CesarRuxandra-marina FloreaJan HancaDuc M Nguyen, Siqi Ye

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